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The Permanent Representation of Malta plays a central role in representing Malta in negotiations that take place in the Council of the European Union and in relations with other institutions, in particular the European Parliament and the European Commission. 

The experts working at the Permanent Representation attend meetings of the various groups that have been set up to carry out consultations between the Member States, the Commission and the other EU institutions. The preparation and discussions of EU laws also takes place in these working groups.

During negotiations, our representatives in the respective working groups put forward the position of the Maltese Government, and ensure that Maltese interests are promoted and safeguarded with the scope of reaching a compromise beneficial for both Malta, Member States and the European Union. The Permanent Representation plays a crucial role and supports the work of members of the Government at meetings of the Council of Ministers of the European Union as well as the Prime Minister at European Council meetings with other Heads of State and/or Government from other Member States.

The work of the Council is prepared by the Permanent Representatives Committee (COREPER), which meets every week. This committee also monitors and coordinates the work of the working groups composed of officials from the Member States who prepare the technical work on the files which are then submitted to COREPER and eventually to the Council, where final compromise is reached.


Malta’s Permanent Representative to the EU, Marlene Bonnici, is Head of Mission and represents Malta at the meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER II) meetings in the Council of the European Union, which take place every week. COREPER II deals largely with economic and financial affairs, foreign affairs, general affairs and justice and home affairs. 


Kathiana Bonello Ghio is the Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU and attends the Committee of Deputy Permanent Representatives (COREPER I) in the Council of the European Union. COREPER I covers social, environmental and economic issues such as agriculture and fisheries, competitiveness, education, youth, culture and sport, employment, social policy, health and consumer affairs, environment and transport, telecommunications and energy.


Christine O' Dwyer represents Malta on the Political and Security Committee, which brings together ambassadorial level representatives from each Member State to discuss Common Foreign and Security policy issues.


The staff working at the Permanent Representation is broadly organized along these three formations, covering both policy issues and more horizontal areas. More information on who does what can be found here